Telephone/PABX Systems

Telephone/PABX Systems

Panasonic have a large market share in the business telephone system market for one reason.

“The world at your fingertips” is not just a phrase anymore! Today we live in the era where the world is becoming smaller and communication is an indispensable part of our lives. WebSmarT IT Solutions is glad to assist the corporate world with intelligent solutions in telecommunications ranging from Digital and IP PABX Solutions to Hybrid Exchange Infrastructure.

To enhance your communication network with high quality, value added yet cost effective solution; we offer advanced phone systems that will meet your requirements. Our qualified team of pre-sales engineers and technicians are capable of delivering an end-to-end turnkey solution to suite your specific requirements. We currently provide three brands of PABX Systems

  D Link IP Telephone Systems
  Avaya IP Telephone Systems
  Panasonic Digital Hybrid System

IP Phone Benefits

  Lower Costs – Reduce your communication costs several folds
  Missed Call notifications – Get professional voice mail box and notification when you miss a call
  Call Forwarding – Forward your calls to your mobile
  Monitor usage – Monitor call usage by user